2016 Staff Applications

Interested in finding a summer job that gives you the chance to be creative, have a lot of fun, and work outside???  Then Camp Keir is the place for you!  We are currently accepting staff applications for the 2016 season. Find the application and job descriptions in the link below. Please note the brand new Leader-In-Training Coordinator positions! If you or someone you know is interested in applying to Camp Keir, feel free to get in touch!

Camp Staff Application 2016

Survivor: Camp Keir

Perhaps at one time you’ve thought to yourself, “I would do awesome on the hit reality TV show SURVIVOR.”  Chica_And_Jo_Survivor_Logo_ColorWell, now is your chance to prove it!  Survivor: Camp Keir is primed and ready to go for Saturday, OCTOBER 3rd!  We’re looking for 18 participants to partake in this hilarious and memorable event!  Click the “News Updates” tab above for more information!


We’re excited to announce  our new KEIR GEAR!  This summer, you can haveyour own pair of Camp Keir sunglasses.  There’s NINE different colors to choose from!IMG_9021IMG_9017