Is Camp Keir running this summer?

Yes, Camp Keir will be running this summer.  We will be following Government of Prince Edward Island updates.  We have opened registration for overnight Camps.  The Covid-19 situation at that time will determine the type of camp we will have at Camp Keir summer 2021.

What will Camp look like?

We are planning for overnight camps!  Due to the ever-changing nature of the COVID-19 situation this plan is subject to change in order to align with current Public Health guidelines.

Drop off and Pick up at Camp Keir for Summer 2021:

Drop Off: Drop off and registration for your child is on Sunday at 3pm. Please insure that you are wearing your mask, you are following our social distancing guidelines, and that you do not enter the building unless a staff member instructs you to.

Pick Up: Pick up is between 12:00 and 1:00pm on Friday afternoons. We will be having a service at 12:00 that includes a video of what your child has done over the week at camp and we will be singing some of your Childs favorite camp songs. Please remember to wear your masks and lunch in included! Please remember to see the director to make sure your child is signed out before leaving!

2021 Summer Camp Schedule and Themes:

Keir’s Family Vacation          Ages 9-11    $325      July 4 – 9

Keir’s Hoop Stars                  Ages 12-14   $325     July 11 – 16

Keiramanjaro Safari               Ages 6 – 8   $275      July 18 – 21

Keir’s Woodland Challenge     Ages 13-15  $325     July 25 – 30

Back to the Future                  Ages 10-12   $325      Aug. 1 – 6

“KEIR” the Musical                   Ages 7-9     $300     Aug. 8 – 12

Leaders in Training                 Ages 15+     $525       July 4 – 16


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