LIT Information


Our leadership in training program is a three week program that consists of two weeks of training and one potential volunteer week. This program is specifically designed to teach youth what it means to be a leader. Our program is designed to help youth grow into strong leaders with training that will equip them to be leaders at camp, at home, and within the Christian community. Together we will grow in our faith and use the example Jesus Christ has given us to shape the way we lead others. Our program will provide a personalized, innovative mix of formal and hands-on learning experiences. In the two weeks of training you will make life long friends,  go on off-site excursions, and experience together what it means to be a leaders.  We highly encourage everyone 15+ to apply today! To register, head over to our online registrations here on our website. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Camp Director, Chloe Hamilton, at