Leader In Training (LIT)

What’s an LIT Program?  The Leader in Training program is designed to help instill and foster strong leadership capabilities in youth.  It is both a theory and practical based approach to helping bring about the best leader you can be!  It’s a program about discipleship and growing our faith.12107857_1084380668239880_534408868937300707_n

Who is this program for?  The program is designed for youth – 15 years or older – who are interested in developing their leadership skills.  The program would be an asset on any type of resume.  The training that occurs, while critical for a camp setting, is universal and can be applied to any facet of community.  Also, if you are thinking about applying to work at Camp Keir in the coming years, having this in your past experience would be beneficial!12108162_1084382224906391_6716438583979409248_n

What does the program consist of?  For two weeks (July 5 -July 17), you, your fellow LITers, and your LIT Leaders will be talking about things like leadership approaches, group dynamics, communication, body language, leading with care policy, activity development, discipleship, among many other things!  Oh, and let’s not forget – it’s tons of fun!  It’s not dry, it’s not boring; it’s a life-changing experience.  The people you go through the program with are friends for life!

Upon successful completion of your first two weeks, there is an additional opportunity for you to volunteer for a week at camp.  This is a chance for you to use the tools you’ve been learning and put them to use in the camp setting!

If you are interested in applying to be one of the LIT Leaders, please click on the Staff Application document to read more about it!

If you have any questions, please email Rev. Mike Hamilton at northtryonpc@gmail.com