Goodbye Summer 2018!

We would like to say “thank you” to all the amazing campers, guardians, and staff who made this summer the truly amazing experience it was! The warm weather may be fading, the days might be a bit shorter, but the memories from the summer will live on. We look forward to seeing you all in 2019!!

Camp Keir Clean-Up & Staff Commissioning Dates

Important dates are on the horizon for the wider Camp Keir community!

Join us Saturday, June 9, beginning at 9am for our Camp Keir Clean-Up Day!  We appreciate all help we receive on this important day when we get the camp ready for the summer season!  Painting, cleaning, raking, dusting, there is a job for everyone!  Also, take a look at our Wish List and if you have items to donate, this would be a fantastic day to drop them off at the camp!

Then, on Sunday evening, June 24th at 7pm, we will be hosting our Staff Commissioning Service at the camp.  This kicks off our summer camping season, as we gather together to celebrate and pray for our wonderful summer staff.  Join us in kicking off the 2018 season!